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Fine art prints are printed on museum-quality acid-free paper using pigment ink. Prints are signed and numbered and include a certificate of authenticity (COA).  All prints are signed right below the image on the front and also at the back of the print. All prints are in limited editions of 1, 6, or a maximum of 10 copies.
Seeing is only the first step in the creative process. Experiencing what I see and conveying it to you is where the creation becomes engaging. With nature as an eternal source of inspiration, I create works where my impressions of my surroundings are expressed on paper. Creating harmony of the uninterrupted complexity that exists in nature is stimulating and inspiring. Although my images have different motives and have been created using different techniques in the camera, all images are permeated with respect and reverence for the, sometimes very fragile, nature that surrounds us.
JOHAN SIGGESSON "A wildlife art photographer"

Valid From:
26 Jul, 2020 to 26 Jul, 2021
Fine Print
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Johan Siggesson
Limited Edition Wildlife Photography Prints | Malta & Gozo
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