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Our charter voucher will launch you into the beautiful waters of Malta and Comino . Therefore, our exotic sailing trips would be a perfect surprise for a memorable sea adventure. We pull the plug and resume the rhythms of nature. Above all, learn from the skipper to recognize the blowing of winds and of currents looking for the most beautiful bays and waters in Malta.
We bring you along the sunniest bays and turn off the motor to listen the breeze as we sail on calm crystal clear water, relaxing in the sun or shade. Therefore, it's your time to enjoy sailing along the beautiful coastline of Malta, with a nice cold drink. Malta Charter Gift Voucher
Explore Beautiful Bays

Golden Bay, Malta
Golden Bay is one of the few sand beaches on the north-west coast of Malta. It was previously known as Military Bay. The white beach slopes gently allowing swimmers to easily walk into the sea. In summer months, there are lifeguards on duty. Golden Bay is the most popular tourist beach. Therefore, everal beach clubs and a large hotel are located on the beach.

Malta Charter Gift Voucher

Tuffieħa Bay, Malta
Tuffieha Bay is a red beach a short distance south of Golden Bay. It is quieter than Golden Bay and often visited by the Maltese themselves, as well as tourist visitors. In order to reach this beach one needs to descend a hill on a staircase of 200 steps. On top of the cliffs west of Għajn Tuffieħa bay, there is an old defense tower built in 1637. It is one of the seven towers built by Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris, of the Knights Hospitaller.

Malta Charter Gift Voucher

Blue Lagoon, Comino
Blue Lagoon is one of the islands in the Maltese Archipelago. It is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese islands with a grand total of 4 permanent inhabitants. However, there is a hotel which caters mostly for overseas visitors on all-inclusive package tours. Similarly, Comino is famed for its Blue Lagoon which offers crystal clear waters for swimming in.
Malta Charter Gift Voucher  "Full of Surprises"

Valid From:
23 Jul, 2020 to 30 Jun, 2021
Fine Print
  • Boat Charter Days by Holidays in Malta, Comino and Gozo. Marina Di Valletta.
  • Experience a private yacht charter in Malta on 42ft skippered sailing yacht.
  • Within the sailing day package will be included skipper, fuel and soft drinks.
  • We have predefined sailing day routes that can be agreed with the skipper.
  • The user must give the unique code for redemption at the time of purchase.
  • Cannot be applied to previously placed orders or products not in stock.
  • Voucher amounts will not be refunded or credited when expire.
  • Voucher amounts will not be refunded or credited when expire.
  • May only be redeemed once, unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Voucher must be surrendered at venue upon redemption.
  • Expired vouchers are not redeemable.
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Sea Adventure | Boat Charter Days from Marina Di Valletta Malta, Comino & Gozo.
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